Contact Center System
ontrance Contact Center System Application & Managed Service

Ontrace Contact Center System and Managed Service provides outbound (telemarketing or telesales) and inbound (help desk customer service) engagement including streamlining sales activities to assist clients, simplifying business process and system workflow, as well as developing automation process for series of tasks to support client’s business with access flexibility to enable our client to conduct their business activities.

service overview

Committed to provide professional services to help increase sales productivity and customer satisfaction, Ontrace Contact Center System & Managed Service will bring seamless experience for outbound and inbound engagement with your customers, including streamlining sales activities to assist the clients, simplifying business process and system workflow, as well as developing automation process for series of tasks to support your business.

service overview

Having a proven application for various inbound and outbound functions, Ontrace will enable you to perform essential contact center activities, including:

  • Telemarketing
  • Telecollection
  • Telefundraising
  • Telesurvey
  • Televerification
  • Customer Services
  • Inbound Sales
service overview

OnTrace contact center system provides call and contact routing for high-volume telephony transaction, with specialist answering “agent” stations and a sophisticated real-time contact management system, including inbound contact handling capabilities and automatic contact distribution, combined with a high degree of sophistication in terms of dynamic contact traffic management.

OnTrace owned the Intellectual Property Ownership for the implementation, maintenance support, and R&D resources

Our advanced technology also allow us to integrate the call management, telephony, and recording in one system. Having continuous R&D improvement based on common business practice and in-house team to support system modification, OnTrace Contact Center System Aplication & Managed Services can provide a personalized service that match your business needs, including adpatable and customizable based on your business flow requirement.


Combining digital capabilities, industry best practice, and experienced resources, Ontrace will provide you with the right people, process, and technology to help you achieve your business success.

Mobile Sales Application
ontrance Activity Management

Ontrace Mobile Application (Sales & Marketing) is a multi-channel technique aimed to reach consumers through their smartphones, by delivering digital information through websites, e-mail, SMS and MMS, social media, or mobile applications.

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